Enterprise Architect
Freelance in innovation & IT
External Academic Teacher @ Solvay Brussels School

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Business Development

I love to combine strategy, creativity, developments and entre|intra-preneurial business sense. Banking innovation (PSD II)

Project Management

Scrum Master using Jira, Constellation, Confluence & Sharepoint


External Academic Teacher in computer science @ Solvay Brussels School (Data Modeling, HTML5, CSS3, Cryptography)

Enterprise Architecture

TOGAF, Data-driven architectures

Big Data

Banking, Hadoop, Data Lake, NoSQL, ETL, Data Visualisation

Software Development

JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Django, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, Spring Boot (microservices architecture), Docker and Git

My Education


Sustainable Business Strategy

Harvard Business School

Specialisation : Business
Sustainable Business Strategy provides participants with the knowledge and tools to become a purpose-driven business leader. This course explores different business models that companies use to drive change and explains why purpose driven businesses are in the best position to tackle the world’s biggest problems. Participants learn how to influence management and other key stakeholders on the competitive advantages of being a purpose-driven firm, and how to make a difference by integrating values into strategy without sacrificing profit.


Executive Programme in Implementing Digital Transformation

Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management - Executive Education

Specialisation : IT
The Architectural Thinking, Enterprise architecture practices and frameworks, business transformation, data management, digital agility and innovation, principles and practices of Programme and Project Management


Executive Programme in Information & Technology Management

Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management - Executive Education

Specialisation : IT
ITSM, IT governance (quality, auditing and risks), sourcing strategy, application build and management, IT sourcing management


Advanced Master in Management & Economics (120 ECTS)

Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management

Specialisation : Business & Finance
Master's thesis : "Comment les banques peuvent-elles atteindre l'ubiquité grâce à la directive européenne PSD II ?" (Confidential)


Master’s Degree as Electronical Engineer

Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut (ISIC-Mons)

Passed with high distinction.
Master's thesis : Conception and development of a time tracking and reporting software (SaaS) with a secure VPN connection (IKEv2 on a CentOS 7 server) using X.509 certificates

Some Recommendations

" J’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Valentin à l’occasion d’un projet d’innovation chez Sopra Banking Software. Valentin est engagé, créatif et intègre. Il a la capacité de détecter les problèmes partout où il va et surtout la capacité d’y proposer des solutions novatrice. Il est curieux et a soif d’apprendre par les cours, les livres mais aussi sur le terrain. Il est toujours à l’écoute et soutien le débat. Ses connaissances sont larges : de l’électronique au software en passant par le management. Valentin dégage une énergie positive et de l’énergie, il en a ! "

Hubert Stoop - Innovation Leader @ Sopra Banking Software

"Sparkling guy! His thirst for knowledge is insatiable! I had and still have a lot of exchanges with Valentin in many different context those last years. As operational manager, as mentor, as colleague and now as friend. I can say I know a bit of Valentin. Eager to learn and eager to share, Valentin is in love of innovation and new technologies. His knowledge is impressive, not only by quantity but also qualitatively. Creative, innovating, entrepreneur born, solution finding, definitely a Swiss Army knife to have in your team!"

William Remacle- Project Manager @ Sopra Banking Software

"Valentin DIRKEN allie de nombreuses qualités à un tempérament créatif. J'ai eu personnellement affaire à lui lors de sa double participation au concours de projets d'entreprise de mon CEEI LME. J'ai pu constater son immense capacité à produire des idées qui, au fil du temps, s'est transformée en un talent à les affiner."

Patrice Thiry - CEO LME Incubator

"Very nice person to work with, always positive and very creative. Eager to learn, hardworker and team player."

Evelyne Dykmans - HR Senior Officer at Sopra Banking Softwar

"In the context of an entrepreneurship contest I had the opportunity to work with Valentin on a CSR project. He has good communication skills, an entrepreneurial mind, he takes responsibilities and give lots of new ideas."

Morgane De Lange - Project Manager Office @ Sopra Banking Software

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